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You can  check out our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us by phone or email:

For questions about the Tutorial Center call and leave a message at 707-527-4491 or email us at

For questions about College Skills Credit Classes/Academic Skills (GED/HiSET) Classes call: (707) 527-4834



Frequently Asked Questions about the Tutorial Center Services
What kind of tutoring is at the Tutorial Center? 

There are four main kinds of tutoring:

  1. Drop-In Tutoring (In-Person): Students drop in and ask a question. You are not required to commit to regular attendance.
  2. Appointment Based Sessions: Appointments are scheduled for either in-person or online sessions.
  3. Individual Scheduled Tutoring: Submit a request for an ongoing weekly one hour scheduled  sessions throughout the semester.
  4. Group Tutoring: Weekly one hour scheduled sessions of two or more students from the same class.


How much time can someone help me for drop in  tutoring sessions?

Time can vary based on the question and the content area as well as a consideration for anyone who may be waiting in line. The average session is about 15 minutes, however the time spent tutoring is ultimately up to the discretion of the Instructional Assistants, Student Tutors or Staff leading the Tutorial session. 

How do I connect with an online tutor for an appointment based session?

To meet your online tutor for an appointment based session, visit the SRJC Tutorial Center page.

  1. Click "SRJC Online Tutoring".
  2. Select a group/discipline.
  3. Join your tutor's room.

If you find yourself waiting more than 15 minutes, please contact the Front Desk at 707-527-4491 or email 

Can I schedule to meet with a tutor every week?

There are certain subjects where it is possible to schedule an individual reoccurring one hour session with a Student Tutor for the entire Fall or Spring semester. Individual Tutor Request Forms are on our Our Services page

Where can I find tutoring help when the Tutorial Center is closed or tutors are unavailable?

NetTutor is another Tutorial Center resource that provides 24/7 access to tutoring and is free for up to 10 hours of tutoring each semester. You can either drop off a question and pick it up later in an online 'locker', or connect with a tutor during NetTutor's scheduled drop-in tutoring hours. 

When I go to the SRJC Tutorial Center page, I do not see the course content area for the course I am taking. How can I find out how to get tutoring for my class?

Please contact the Front Desk at 707-527-4491 or email There may be a tutor available or other Tutorial Service information that we can provide you with. 

Is SRJC Tutoring free?

All of our services are free for current SRJC students.