Our Services

  • Provide open access to a diverse student population
  • Respond to individual student learning styles and needs
  • Encourage students to reach their full potential
  • Share the joy of learning and enthusiasm for the subject
  • Respect the instructor's approach to the subject matter
  • Implement tutoring techniques that reflect the best current practice
  • Assist students to gain confidence in their ability to achieve academic success

If you need help in a class, you're not alone! We offer FREE tutoring programs to help you succeed with your academic goals. Use all available resources early to get the best start in your classes. We are here to help!

Drop-In service available for Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, Economics, Spanish and ESL all hours that we are open. Some subjects are offered by hourly appointments as well.

The Santa Rosa Junior College Tutorial Centers provide tutoring for SRJC students needing assistance with coursework in many subject areas, at all academic levels, to individuals and small groups in a supportive, interactive environment that fosters student success and independence. Help is free. The centers are staffed by instructional assistants who are experts in their subject areas and by instructor-recommended students who not only have succeeded in the courses they tutor but who enjoy helping others succeed.


Hours of Operation

  • Summer Term: Monday-Thursday 9:00am–4:00pm
  • Fall Term:
    • Monday-Thursday 8:00am - 7:00pm             
    • Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
  • For additional information 
    • call: (707) 527-4491 
    • email: guser90@santarosa.edu



Different Ways To Meet With A Tutor

  1. Log-in to your cubby and choose SRJC Tutoring in the Quick Links section on the right side.
  2. Access through:  College Skills/Tutorial Centers

Feel free to watch this video for SRJC Tutoring access:

Step-By-Step Access to SRJC Tutorial Center Online Tutoring

How do I access SRJC Virtual Tutoring?

SRJC Tutoring Browser/System Requirements

  • Windows:Chrome and Edge (83+), Firefox (77+)
  • Mac: Safari (13.1.1+), Chrome and Edge (83+)
  • Microsoft Surface: Chrome and Edge (83+), Firefox (77+)
  • Android Tablet: Chrome (83+)
  • Android Phone: Chrome (83+)
  • Chrome OS:(83+)
  • iPad:iPadOS 13.5+with Safari (13.1.1+)
  • iPhone:iOS13.5.1+with Safari (13.1.1+)
  • ENABLE pop-ups for audio/video.


For 24/7 Free Online Tutoring With NetTutor

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Log-in to your cubby and choose NetTutor in the Quick Links section.


For technical difficulties, click the Customer Service Request link within NetTutor, and fill out the form. You may also call the NetTutor Customer Support Team at (813) 674-0660 option 3.

The direct email is support@link-systems.com.