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SRJC Santa Rosa Campus  1501 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa CA 95401

Map and Directions to the Santa Rosa campus College Skills Center

The Santa Rosa College Skills Department is located in the Analy Village, on the west side of campus.

  • The Department Office is in Bldg. G, Rm 605; Phone: (707) 527-4834
  • The Academic Skills (ASK) Lab is in Bldg. H, Rm 601
  • The Math Labs are in Bldg. F, Rm 615 and Bldg. E, Rm 618

Directions to Santa Rosa Campus

From Northbound 101: Take the College Avenue exit, turn right on College Avenue, go under the freeway and take the first left on Morgan Street, then turn left at the first stop on Carillo Street and follow around to Armory Drive. Continue north on Armory Drive (past the Armory) and turn right onto Scholars Drive. Analy Village is the group of tan colored buildings on the left with green trim (above photo).

From Southbound 101: Take the Steele Lane exit, turn left onto Steele Lane, go under freeway and turn right at the second stop light onto Illinois Drive. Immediately veer right onto Armory Drive. Continue South on Armory Drive, past the 3-way stop at Elliott Avenue. Then turn left onto Scholars Drive.. Analy Village is the group of tan colored buildings with green trim on the left-hand side of the Scholars Drive parking lot.

Campus Map

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SRJC Petaluma Campus 680 Sonoma Mountain Parkway, Petaluma CA 94954

Maps and directions to the Petaluma Campus College Skills Center

The Petaluma College Skills facilities are in Kathleen Doyle Hall, 2nd Floor

  • The Academic Skills (ASK) Lab is in Rm PC-252A
  • The Math Lab is in Rm PC-252
  • ASK Lab & Math Lab Phone: (707) 778-3950
  • The Tutorial Center is in Rm PC-247; Phone: (707) 778-2409
  • The Faculty Office is in Rm PC-249; Phone: (707) 778-4121

Directions to Petaluma Campus

From Northbound 101: Take the Washington Ave. exit. Turn right on Washington. Go through the first light at McDowell Blvd. and continue one mile to Sonoma Mountain Parkway. Turn left on Sonoma Mountain Parkway and continue north for 2 miles. The Petaluma Campus is on the right. Turn right at the light on Campus Circle.

From Southbound 101: Take the first Petaluma exit, Petaluma Blvd. North. Turn left on Petaluma Blvd. North, go over the freeway to the first traffic light at McDowell Blvd. Turn right on McDowell Blvd. Go 1.5 miles to the traffic light at Corona Rd. Turn left on Corona Rd. and proceed to the traffic round. After entering the traffic round, take the first right on to Sonoma Mountain Parkway and continue south for one mile. The Petaluma Campus is on the left. Turn left at the light on Campus Circle.

Campus Map

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Southwest Santa Rosa Center • 950 south wright rd, santa rosa ca 95407

\Map and directions to the Southwest Center College Skills Center

Free Parking / Estacionamiento Grautito

Southwest Santa Rosa Center has two parking lots with free parking.

Southwest Santa Rosa Center cuenta con dos estacionamientos con estacionamiento gratuito.

Directions to Southwest Center Santa Rosa Campus

Heading West on Sebastopol Road from Stony Point, take a left onto South Wright Road. Southwest Santa Rosa Center is located at 950 South Wright Road.

Viajando al oeste en la Sebastopol Rd, de vuelta a la izquierda en South Wright Road. Southwest Santa Rosa Center está localizado en el 950 South Wright Road.


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