Credit Classes

Credit Classes

We offer classes designed to provide new and returning students

a bridge to advanced academic classes

and prepare for the rigors of college life and academics.




Math, Language Arts and Study Skills Classes:

  • Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning: CSKLS 373 (3.5 units) offers an introduction to applying mathematical reasoning to students' personal, professional, and academic lives. Topics include order of operations, real numbers, ratio and proportions, solving linear equations, dimensional analysis, geometric formulas, graphs/tables and word problems.
  • Basic Math Review Online: CSKLS 367.1 and CSKLS 367.2 (1 unit each, P/NP, online only) provide an excellent review for what you once knew in math.



  • Grammar and Writing Review: CSKLS 312 (3.5 units) is offered as an introduction to punctuation and grammar rules and provides practice in writing paragraphs and short compositions needed to progress in college.
  • Sentence and Paragraph Development: CSKLS 312.1 (1 unit, P/NP, online only)
  • Punctuation: CSKLS 312.2(1 unit, P/NP, online only)
  • Style and Organization: CSKLS 312.3 (1 unit, P/NP)
  • Foundations of College Reading and Writing: CSKLS 313 (7 units) is actually two classes offered in combination: Reading skills offered in one class and writing skills offered in the other.



  • How to Take an Online Class: CSKLS 334 (0.5 unit) offers an introduction into the jargon, set-up, timing and general expectations of taking an online class. It lasts 3 weeks and uses Canvas to deliver lessons.