Credit Classes

We offer classes designed to provide new and returning students a bridge to advanced academic classes and prepare for the rigors of college life and academics.

Link to Online Schedule of Classes

Math Classes

  • General Arithmetic: CSKLS 371 (3.5 units) offers basic math instruction needed to build a strong foundation: Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, working with fractions, decimals, percents and measurement.
  • Pre-Algebra: CSKLS 372 (3.5 units) reviews instruction in general arithmetic and covers signed numbers, exponents, geometry, and simple linear equations in preparation for Algebra.
  • Basic Math Review Online: CSKLS 367.1 and CSKLS 367.2 (1 unit each, P/NP, online only) provide an excellent review for what you once knew in math.

Language Arts Classes

  • Grammar and Writing Review: CSKLS 312 (3.5 units) is offered as an introduction to punctuation and grammar rules and provides practice in writing paragraphs and short compositions needed to progress in college.
  • Sentence and Paragraph Development: CSKLS 312.1 (1 unit, P/NP, online only)
  • Punctuation: CSKLS 312.2 (1 unit, P/NP, online only)
  • Style and Organization: CSKLS 312.3 (1 unit, P/NP)
  • Foundations of College Reading and Writing: CSKLS 313 (7 units) is actually two classes offered in combination: Reading skills offered in one class and writing skills offered in the other.

Study Skills

  • How to Take an Online Class: CSKLS 334 (0.5 unit) offers an introduction into the jargon, set-up, timing and general expectations of taking an online class. It lasts 3 weeks and uses Canvas to deliver lessons.