Credit Classes

We offer a host of classes designed to provide new and returning students a bridge to advanced academic classes and prepare for the rigors of college life and academics.

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Math Classes

  • General Arithmetic: CSKLS 371 (3.5 units) offers basic math instruction needed to build a strong foundation: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, working with fractions, decimals, percents and measurement.
  • Pre-Algebra: CSKLS 372 (3.5 units): reviews instruction in general arithmetic and covers signed numbers, exponents, geometry, and simple linear equations in preparation for Math 150A and 151.
  • Basic Math Review Online: CSKLS 367.1 and CSKLS 367.2 (1 unit each) offered online and considered excellent preparation for math placement tests as well as re-learning what you once knew in math. It is low-stress and offered as Pass/No Pass only.

Language Arts Classes

  • Grammar and Writing Review: CSKLS 312 (3.5 units) This course is offered as an introduction to punctuation and grammar rules and offers practice in writing paragraphs and short compositions needed to progress in college.
  • Sentence and Paragraph Development: CSKLS 312.1 (1 unit, P/NP, online only)
  • Punctuation: CSKLS 312.2 (1 unit, P/NP, online only)
  • Foundations of College Reading and Writing: CSKLS 313 (7 units) is actually two classes offered in combination, building upon reading skills offered in one class and building upon writing skills offered in the other. Students place into this course through the English Placement Test.

Study Skills

  • How to Take an Online Class: CSKLS 334 (.5 unit) offers an introduction into the jargon, set-up, timing and general expectations of taking an online class. It lasts 3 weeks and uses both CATE and Moodle to deliver lessons.

What students are saying:

What are your insights/realizations after taking CSKLS 371 General Arithmetic?

The Spring 2015 semester was my very first experience in the mathematic lab at Santa Rosa Junior College. It was a very different atmosphere. I was under the impression that I was supposed to go there to make up my homework or do any quizzes outside of my regular class time and that was it. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was quite helpful. If I looked frustrated it was like they appeared out of nowhere and calmly asked if I needed help. At first I was embarrassed, but that did not last. I realized that if I want to get through any of these math courses offered here at the JC I will need lots of help and there’s no reason to be embarrassed. As I learned, when the staff asked me if I needed help I took them up on it. After a while, I noticed the patience and dedication that the entire staff had at ensuring that all the students understood what they were doing by the time they walked away. At least I did.

This College skills course made me develop my math and also refreshed my math skills in some particular areas. The college math skills that they offer at the Junior College is a great program because they offer resources for you as a student to help you on any problems you need help on. This course covered the basic math you need to understand to prep you for more challenging math. In addition to the resources, they offer tutoring centers, for example the math lab. The math lab was a great place to catch up on your homework or worksheets you need to finish in the math lab when class is in session. You can also catch up on your quizzes and retake them if you got a bad score. Instructors were a big help as well. When you didn't get a problem they would love to help you go over it to understand the math problem. In conclusion, I encourage students who need to refresh their memory on basic math you need, to take the College Skills math courses at the Junior College. Everyone in the program is eager to help students out. It's a great learning space to study. I rate this course a five because instructors are there to help and they want to help you.

What are your insights/realizations in taking CSKLS 372 Prealgebra?

CSKLS 372 provides an opportunity to students who may not otherwise understand the value of time management. Although it is a rudimentary math class, the real lesson to be gleaned goes beyond rote memorization of formulas and other various notes. It teaches the student to prioritize homework and learning during their personal time and form good habits that are conducive to success both in school and career.

Do you recommend CSKLS classes to students? Why?

Yes, because the time budgeting habits I had to learn in order to keep up with the workload have helped me organize my life and prepare for the future with greater confidence.

I’m feeling very accomplished after this semester of taking this class and the one before it. Taking these two math classes has been such a wonderful opportunity for me. Having not taken math for over 4 or so years, I was nervous going back into it again, especially since it’s always been my weakest subject.

Reviews of CSKLS 367.1 & 367.2, Basic Math Review (online)   

When I heard the JC offered this type of math class I was so excited. I was so relieved I could slowly get back into math at my own speed and be introduced to new math subjects (like Geometry). Taking this class and seeing the progress I’ve made, has made me realize that whatever scares you in life, you need to take a risk and just jump in. Once you get over the initial nerves and really devote yourself to whatever it is and practice it, it gets easier. While math is probably never going to be my best subject, I no longer fear it and know I can get through it.  I know I need to take it if I ever want to transfer and I’m not going to let this minor speed bump stop me. I’ve decided to take this math class during the summer as an independent student so I can keep getting better at math and can eventually be able to take the JC math test and be able to be placed in a math class.

I enjoyed this class very much, and like you said it was less stressful then any other math class I have ever taken before. I was so scared to do some sections, but when I actually decided to do them I realized that I was scared for nothing. They turned out to be pretty easy. I think since I hadn't done math in a long time, I was very insecure of what I was capable of doing, but this course made me realize that I actually understand math really well and that it is actually quite fun.... Overall: really fun, helpful and I enjoyed this class a lot more than I had anticipated. =)