Academic Skills/Test Preparation

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In our free, easy-access classes and computer labs you can:

  • Prepare for high school equivalency tests such as the GED and HiSET.
  • Improve your reading, math and writing abilities for work and college classes.

We offer the following services:

  • FREE GED/HiSET preparation classes in Spanish at the Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Southwest campuses, as well as at various off-campus locations.
  • FREE GED/HiSET preparation classes in English at the Santa Rosa campus.
  • FREE open-entry/open-exit Academic Skills (ASK) lab services at the Petaluma campus.  (Open-entry/open-exit means that you can enroll at any time during the semester.)
    • The ASK lab provides free learning opportunities to brush-up on academic skills or to prepare for career advancement tests such as:  CAHSEE, CHSPE, CBEST, GED, HiSET, and more. For GED/HiSET preparation, students use computer programs and work in textbooks designed specifically to improve GED/HiSET scores.

Getting Started

If you are a new student at SRJC, apply and register online at If you need help registering, go to the Admissions & Records office in Plover Hall.

After registering as an SRJC student, you can enroll in any of our GED/HiSET preparation courses.

Remember, you must pay for a parking permit if you park on campus.

There are no entry requirements, but there are specific requirements for students under 18 years of age. For more information, please visit Admissions and Records or call (707) 527-4685.

Don't put off your goals any longer!  Come visit one of our labs or classes!

We welcome you and want to see you succeed. Take the first step today!

Frequently Asked Questions, RE: GED or HiSET tests

How long will it take me to prepare to pass the GED or HiSET test?

This depends on your previous schooling, your attendance, and your motivation. After your orientation, our instructors will help you set realistic goals. You can also take GED or HiSET practice tests; these scores will give you a better idea of your readiness.

Should I prepare for the GED, HiSET or CHSPE test?

The GED and HiSET tests are recognized throughout North America and can be taken two months before your 18th birthday or anytime thereafter. The California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) is recognized only in California, but it is appropriate if you are under 17-and-1/2 years of age. Our classes and open-lab emphasize GED or HiSET, but also offer materials appropriate for the CHSPE.

Where can I take the GED or HiSET test when I am ready? 

The Assessment Office, located on the Santa Rosa Junior College Campus, Plover Hall, offers testing every Friday. To sign up for a test date and time, visit the SRJC Assessment Office website at, and select the appropriate test from the drop-down menu item "High School Equivalency Exams."

What happens after I pass my GED or HiSET?

We encourage you to see an SRJC counselor and set your educational goals. Many students continue in the Academic Skills Lab as they prepare for college credit classes.

Can I take credit classes at SRJC without having my GED or HiSET first?

Yes, in general the only requirement for taking classes at SRJC is that you must be 18 years or older before the first day of the semester and no longer enrolled in high school—you do not need to have your GED first. Students still in high school or underage may take classes if they have approval from their high school principal and parent on the Concurrent Enrollment Form. Go to Admissions & Records for more information.

However, you will not qualify for financial aid unless you have a high school diploma or have passed the GED or HiSET.